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    Showpiece 5 Step Program

    features custom-tailored

    treatments to your lawns needs. 
    Showpiece Lawns Fertilizer
    Spring Visit (Late March - Early April) 

    The Spring Application consists of a slow release, granular fertilizer, and a crabgrass preventer. This treatment is designed to give your lawn a beautiful “green-up”, and prevent crabgrass from invading your lawn. Note: Heavily shaded lawn areas will receive a fertilizer that promotes increased thickness and strength, and shade seed as needed.

    Showpiece LawnsLate Spring Visit (May/June) 

    Broadleaf Weed Controls (liquid) are applied to control Dandelions, Clover, Creeping Charlie, and up to 40 other weeds. Our Objective at Showpiece Lawns is to provide our customers with a "weed-free” lawn.


    Showpiece Lawns Weed Control
    Summer Visit (June/July) 

    We’ll apply a slow release, dry granular fertilizer that’s designed to maintain good color and increase drought tolerance in your lawn. Depending on weather conditions and insect activity, a surface insect control will be applied as needed to control Chinch Bugs and Sod Webworms.

    Late Summer Visit (August/September) 

    Broadleaf weed controls are applied to rid the lawn of summer weeds, and to maintain a “weed-free” lawn. Insect activity increases at this time of the season, and insect controls are applied as needed.

    Fall Visit (Septemeber-October)

    A heavy rate of a slow release dry granular fertilizer is applied. This treatment will provide extended fall greening, winter hardiness, and will help “green-up” your lawn in spring.